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the other slip knot

slipper selfie

The Women’s House Slipper by Two Girls Patterns.

The beginning of my woolly journey into the land of crochet began about 3 and a half years ago with these very slippers. The pattern difficulty is easy-intermediate and I probably should have started with something a bit more basic but jumping in at the deep end is always more fulfilling. If you don’t drown! I didn’t drown. It took a while and there were a few false starts. Youtube taught me the basics…first the slip knot, then the single and double crochet stitches. The slippers slightly NQR but I made them for an old friend who wore them anyway. That’s what’s so nice about old friends.

Since these slippers, I bought a couple of other patterns and I made some booties for a friend at work. Because I have a very short attention span I forgot about crochet for a while. A tangle of wool and hooks in a bag in my wardrobe was all that remained for about a year. After this I was busy making jewellery, getting a new job, meeting the love of my life, moving house and adopting a house full of pets. One day at the Camberwell Market I bought a crochet beanie. I had a sudden burst of inspiration. It wasn’t that I thought “why did I buy this when I could have made my own?” but rather “I want to make one of these!” I know you know the feeling I am talking about.

So I went back to my trusty Youtube and found the perfect Slouchy Beanie tutorial by Simply Hooked Crochet. I really liked her videos because they were visually appealing, straight to the point, clear and they had a cat in them. The tutorial was easier than I remembered the pattern for the shoes being. By the end of the beanie, I was…you guessed it…hooked! BOOM! Yeah, I went there.

Ever since then I have done heaps of crochet tutorials on Youtube. I have learned a bit about following written patterns and I know nothing about diagram patterns. If any of you have any tips for getting my head around those last 2 patter types, pleeeease share your wisdom with me!

Now I feel that crochet will always be part of my creative life.

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