New Listing: Basket Weave Cushion

This cushion has been a lonnnnng time coming. It’s the first cushion I have ever crocheted with a zipper in it and I learned a very important lesson: buttons may be expensive but you are paying for convenience! I found the prep of the zipper to be really tedious. I used a 4 ply wool instead of a cotton (as was recommended in the tutorial I watched) because I didn’t have a cotton in a matching colour. I immediately found this was a mistake as it made the zip pucker and took ages to make the holes to get the wool thru the zip fabric. But instead of simply buying some cotton, I put the unfinished cushion in a dark corner of my room and pretended it wasn’t there for about a month. I know you understand!

This weekend just gone, I needed a break from market bags and decided to make the best of it. I dug the two halves of the cushion and the manky zipper out of the corner and got back to work.

The result are pretty damn good, if I do say so myself!

Have you guys used basket weave stitch before and if so, what projects can you recommend?


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