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crochet patterns for everyone

I love youtube tutorials and they will always be my favourite and preferred method of learning a new pattern but slowly, slowly I am learning about how to read different patterns.

I like to be able to watch someone doing the same thing I am attempting so I can see what it looks like as well as the process. Step by step pictures can be useful but for some reason my brain gets in a muddle somewhere between the reading and the looking. I am a simple girl!

When I first started crocheting I tried to read patterns but I always got confused at what I was up to. Any suggestions for overcoming this apart from drawing all over the pattern??

I have made 1 granny square from a diagram…it was SO difficult! a lot of frogging, let me tell you!

So what I have also discovered while learning to crochet is that I learn by watching and doing. How did you learn crochet? What are your preferred pattern types?

5 thoughts on “crochet patterns for everyone

  1. I learned crochet by following written patterns. It’s just now that I’m here in Indonesia that I’m wading into diagram territory. What definitely helps is to first know what each symbol means, like for instance the single stitch (sc) is represented in some diagrams as an X and in others a ‘+’ sign. It’s definitely learn as I do/stitch for me. I’m also still just practicing on motifs, granny squares, insertions and such. Anything that’s not made up of granny squares is still daunting but, those are the goal πŸ™‚


  2. I also lose my place when reading patterns. I usually just mark up a printed pattern, or if I’m reading it off of my phone, I tally up how many rows I’ve done as soon as I finish them. My favorite type of pattern is definitely a written pattern.


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