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xmas day wrapped up

I really like that time between Xmas and New Years when no one knows what day it is. It seems to be the only time of the year that you are forced to 100% tune out.

This is the second year of my life that I have not spent Xmas with my parents. I still haven’t decided if this is an decision which defines my adulthood or if it’s just the result of life, general life happenings. Probably the second thing, right?

So it was me, my lady and our 6 pets for Xmas Day and that was super delightful, to say the least. We opened presents and ate croissants.

We went to Altona Dog Beach with the three dergs and it was super windy but the water was really nice.


For lunch we made platters of cheese, olives, dips and other delicious morsels. My lady had some champagne and I had some vodka and everything was bliss.


In the evening we went for a walk to look at Xmas lights and took some fine looking selfies!

All in all it was totally amazing.

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