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Autumn Finally Arrives

It’s been Autumn in Melbourne for over a month now but just in the last day or so has it actually begun to cool down. Last week it was still 20 degrees over night and then yesterday morning we had torrential rain and thunderstorms.

Who says global warming isn’t a thing?

Personally I love cool weather. I know it’s not the popular choice but even all you beach babes must admit, there’s nothing quite like rugging up in a warm blanket with a good movie and a plate full of <insert preferred comfort food> roast veg and gravy. Equally, even though going to work in the wind and rain is a pain in the proverbial, you really can do it in style with boots, coats, hats and gloves. The cooler months really support a more exciting wardrobe.

I also like the cooler weather because finally I feel like crocheting again. It’s hard to be inspired in Melbourne in Summer. When it’s 40 degrees for the 5th day in a row and even the air conditioner is struggling, call me crazy but I just don’t feel like sitting under a pile of wool.

Now that things have cooled down a bit I have been making (my favourite) beanies again. This time with a little front post inspo, I have made adult and baby basket weave beanies WITH pom-poms (I am told they are all the rage this Winter) and the more simple ribbed beanie without pom-pom. So far so good. I have not lost any momentum over summer. Am churning things out as quick as ever.

What’s your go-to crochet project?

Are you Team Summer or Team Winter?

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