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Happy Birthday, Pa


Yesterday was my Pa’s birthday. I was thinking about him and decided to share some thoughts with the world.

My Pa is a really nice guy; a proper gentleman with a lovely nature. Basically my Pa is what men should be like but rarely are. When I was little I spent a lot of time with him and he was really progressive in a lot of ways and I know that rubbed off on me.

He taught me about computers before they were cool and showed me the internet before other people even got it. He explained to me who Karl Marx was and told me to vote Labor even when I was way too young to vote! When I got older he explained why. We always have great conversations about politics and laugh at the Torie’s latest fuckery.

He loves wine and I have vivid memories of him corking a wine bottle and having me smell the cork. He would ask me to name the wine and I would always say cab sav because that’s always what he drinks and he would act amazed at my genius. Then he would give me a tiny port glass of wine and I would feel sooooo grown up.

I think of all my good childhood memories, and there are many, I most remember curling up between my Nana and Pa in their plush king size bed, which seemed like a world of its own, and listening to Pa read another chapter of The Hobbit until I fell asleep. His love for books and for reading is intense and now when I see him his first question is always “read any good books lately?”

I don’t get to see my family as much as I would like because my Nana and Pa and my Mum and Dad all live a plane ride away but I think about them all the time and especially my Pa on his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Pa!

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