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Event: RAW Verse

So, I have been scouted for an art show!

RAW Melbourne presents VERSE 

May 4th 7:00PM AEST

Melbourne Pavilion  Tickets $20 presale and $25 at door

I don’t know if it’s as random and unimaginable as I think or if it happens all the time but, if I’m honest, I’m feeling totally smug about it.

The show is curated by an international collective called RAW: Natural Born Artists and as far as I can understand, they support new, upcoming talent by having regular shows in cities all over the world allowing the artists to show and sell their work for no commission.

So what’s the catch? Each artist needs to sell 20 x $20 tickets to get their first show.

Seems too good to be true – although for me getting 20 “friends” together is verging on impossible! – but it’s an amazing organisation!

So I would encourage you to check out the artists profiles

Pre-purchase your tickets here!

I will be showing a range of fibre arts…stay tuned for previews!


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