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Made Up (episode two)

So, it’s April…how did that happen? I haven’t been making up as much as I was before Xmas and mainly because it’s been so damn hot. I don’t like wearing make up in hot weather…or doing much of anything I hot weather to be honest. Damn hot weather!

Moving on, stand out palettes so far this year are:

Metal Matte – Kat Von D and Queen of Hearts – Coloured Raine

My mum gifted me the Full Spectrum (Urban Decay) palette which I have been using a bit as well. It is definitely awesome in terms of colour and range but not as awesome as the other two in terms of quality.

So with no further ado, here’s some of my make up looks so far this year…



Do y’all have any favourite palettes right now?


2 thoughts on “Made Up (episode two)

  1. I am terrified of bold colors on my eyes! lol yours looks awesome. I just started toying with makeup and I keep trying to build up to branching out but I am horrible with the famed cat eye. Sigh. Give me hope!


    1. I used to hate eye make up and then 2 things happened; 1- I learned to properly apply it (YouTube, all the way) and 2- I discovered this product it’s like 12 dollars of awesome. Makes eyeliner SO much easier to apply, stays on all day and is cruelty free. It’s definitely my number 1 beauty tip! It still takes a little practice but I swear anyone will be able to cat eye with this bad boy!

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