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Get To Know: Daisy

Name: Daisy

Aliases: Cake-Face, Cakie, Daisy-Cakes (yeah there’s a theme)

Age: unsure

Likes: food, biting, warm places to sleep, lazing out the front of the house

Dislikes: having knots brushed out of her dense fur, pats that go for more that 38.3 seconds (times can vary depending on mood), anything and everyone at one time or another

Special Skills: galloping through the house, swiping at anyone when they walk past, defending the perimeter of the home from predators and visitors and passers by

Appearance: White and tortie, extremely round, pink nose and toes

Bio: Daisy was adopted from the RSPCA after a long period of time waiting for her furever home. Many came to see her but all left bearing the scars of her teeth because, frankly, she can be pretty mean.

She has short legs, a short tail and an even shorter temper.

She has no fear. Isn’t worried about other cats, dogs or people. She likes to sit in doorways when the other pets are trying to get through. Most of the other pets are visibly frightened of her.

Can be intermittently friendly. Strangely, if she is happy with the pats she is receiving she will give you a lick. However, it’s not always a friendly gesture. One time she licked me on the eyelid to wake me up so I would feed her – it gave me a painful reaction. Most things she does end in a painful reaction for the other party.

Sometimes she likes a scratch on the head. She will even purr if you get the right spot and sometimes get under the blankets if it’s really cold but shield your eyes because she will turn at any second.

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