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Get To Know: Pinks

Name: Pinks

Aliases: Stinka, Pinky-Doo, Lorrie (short for Loris because she has big, round eyeballs)

Age: approx. 10 but unsure really

Likes: food, running, when people smile at her, hanging out with her family

Dislikes: pretty much nothing

Special Skills: being a plus sized athlete – running, jumping, rolling etc,

Appearance: Very short legs on a very solid body (think 4 toothpicks stuck in a jam roll), big, loving eyes (especially when looking at food), silky coat like a seal, sheds a LOT

Bio: Pinks was adopted from the RSPCA after coming and going a few times. Owners complained that she was an escape artist. There’s an assumption that she is a lazy lap dog (due to compact shape and fat body) but in fact she is way too heavy to be a lap dog and anyway, she lurrrves exercise. With us, she gets 2 walks a day and never wants to run away from home anymore.

Pinks is a lover of life and is always positive. She hates getting in trouble so, for the most part, she is super well behaved. She just can’t help herself when it comes to food. She will sneak in to eat cat kibble with her tail between her legs, already anticipating the shouts but unable to resist the allure of the biscuity goodness.

Pinks is super friendly with everyone. She can either be found at a dog park, running up to strangers or at home, curled up with one or more of her sisters. She is never intimidating. She loves cats, dogs, small children, large men and everything in between.

She is a total scavenger. After the apocalypse, I will follow Pinks around because she will definitely locate the food source before anyone else.

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