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Get To Know: Ronald

Name: Ronald

Aliases: Ron, Skittle, Ginger

Age: 6

Likes: catching rays on the roof, being alone, grazing

Dislikes: everyone, everything

Special Skills: getting up really high, defending roof territory, being elusive

Appearance: Ginger and white, roman nose, would be a very handsome human

Bio: Ron has some serious quirks. He was raised from only a few days old by my 2 housemates and I after he was found as a stray.

Ron is basically a ginger Goth. he doesn’t like anyone bothering him. He is loyal only to the 3 lesbians who raised him and everyone else can just go away.

Ron is classically handsome but he doesn’t see it. Like a fury Quasimodo he spends all day tucked away in his tower (the roof of our house) only venturing out for breakfast and dinner. He may also have some kind of eating disorder because he prefers to eat about 8 kibble at a time and then he goes for a brief run outside before coming back in for 8 more. He will basically continue this cycle until we start to ignore him then it’s back to the tower.

Sometimes in the night he sneaks into our bedroom and snugs with me for 10 minutes. He would prefer I didn’t tell you that though.

Ron is like an orange unicorn – elusive and often blurry in photos. These are pretty much all the photos I have ever been able to take of him.


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