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Get To Know: Dolly

Name: Dolly

Aliases: Chook, Little White Sh*t

Age: approx 12 but not quite sure

Likes: 1:1 attention, car rides, roast chicken

Dislikes: Lulu (not her real sister), going to the toilet in the backyard, anyone watching her eat

Special Skills: having many emotions, keeping warm, breaking hearts

Appearance: White and apricot, like a small baby bird, only a few teeth left

Bio: Dolly was adopted from the RSPCA after being surrendered, emaciated and in very poor health. The first 5 years of Dolly’s life were pretty grim – locked out in the backyard with a bigger dog. No real human interaction except for when the kids came out to play. She had most of her teeth removed and was diagnosed with heart trouble as well as gammy legs. My girlfriend adopted Dolly before I came into their lives. At a time when both Beck and Dolly were looking for some TLC, it was a match made in heaven.

Don’t let her humble beginnings and soft exterior fool you though, Dolly has a tough streak and sometimes she can be a genuine pain in the backside!

Dolly is very particular.

She likes her dinner at just the right temperature. She won’t go to the toilet in the back yard, often she will even wee on the carpet instead of walking another 2 meters out the back door. She prefers to be let out the front to go to the toilet but when you do let her out there she takes ages and ages to go. She only comes when you call her if she feels like it…and usually she doesn’t feel like it. She won’t go for a walk if it’s too cold (it’s unclear what the acceptable temperature is). Something that she loves to eat one day, she won’t touch the next and sometimes she will only eat chicken nuggets. She prefers to drink the water that’s meant for the cats rather than from one of the other 4 water bowls available to her. Sometimes she inexplicably wakes up in a bad mood. Often she wishes she was an only child.

Despite all this, she is adorable and everyone loves her.

She loves going on car rides and she loves sitting on laps. She is friendly to anyone she meets and who cares to give her a pat. She is always keen to go wherever we are whether it’s on a holiday, to a rally, out for lunch or just visiting a friend – she likes to be invited! She can be very well behaved when she chooses and is still always friendly with kids.

A tiny dog with a huge personality.











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