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Get To Know: Minerva

Name: Minerva

Aliases: Mini, Minty

Age: 10

Likes: sitting next to me, roast chicken, 3am pats

Dislikes: the vacuum cleaner, other animals in her space (expect Pinks who she quite likes), when everyone goes to work for the day

Special Skills: catching mice (much to my disgust), making nests out of blankets when no one is home, being beautiful inside and out

Appearance: Black and white – tuxedo, yellow eyes and super soft fur, jiggly belly

Bio: Mini is no ordinary cat.

Mini is the most beautiful creature I have ever laid my eyes on. She came into my life when someone I knew took in a stray who turned out to be pregnant – Mini was one of the kittens.

When I first took her home, I was in and out of her life for a while. My Mum was in hospital and I wasn’t around much but that soon changed. For a large portion of her kittenhood, I was on the dole and was in a deep depression. This was actually fortitudinous for our lifelong friendship because we did a lot of bonding through these dark, painful months which were only made lighter by curling up in bed with Mini for a pillow.

When I get home she runs around talking incessantly for about 10 minutes. I assume she is telling me about her dreams because I know she has been asleep in her bed-nest all day long.

I think because we’ve had a life of ups and downs and ins and outs, Mini is chill. She has lived in a lot of different houses, been cat-sat by different people and been on weekends away with us. For me, home is where Mini is and, I am proud to say, vice versa. Mini is friendly and relaxed with most people but she hates the vacuum cleaner. Mini often looks grumpy or unimpressed but this is all a front. She’s happier than she has ever been in her life…and that’s pretty happy.

Mini is not obnoxious but she can be petulant. She spends all day inside, then just as you’re going to bed she will sneak out the front quicker than lightening and make you run around the dark Preston streets in your underwear to get her back inside. Mini don’t care. She likes to lay on her back which I thought was a cute quirk but after some research I discovered it’s something fat cats do to take a load off. Awkwarrrrd.

At night time, Mini curls up between Beck and I. Sometimes she hugs an arm, sometimes she kneads my hair, sometimes she likes to be little spoon, sometimes she wants a foot massage, sometimes she curls up in the corner near my head and sometimes she takes up more room than all the other animals put together but she is always the most adorable creature I have ever known.


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