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Home Is Where The Cats Are

In June I went away from home for 4 weeks.

Some of you more seasoned travellers may not be impressed but for the girl whose longest trip away from home was 10 days in London 10 years ago and whose idea of a perfect weekend is not having to leave the house to buy groceries, a month is a really bloody long time!

So, about a year ago, my parents decided that they were going to go to America. A big trip for 2 people who have been as far as Tasmania and home again, not to mention that mum navigates the world in a wheelchair and Dad is the owner/operator of a small business. Hence it was a year in the making. Actually, I thought a year was pretty good to organise everything they had to.

We usually drive up and stay at my parent’s house for a week or so each year before heading home making the whole trip about 2 weeks with travel. This time we were going up to dog sit their 4 dogs while they bought us delicious lollies and amazing clothes in The States.

Overall it was a a blissful arrangement but let me list for you some of the important lessons I leaned in the month of June:

  • 7 dogs is too many dogs
  • Winter in Queensland is pretty much the perfect climate
  • I need cats like I need oxygen
  • It is possible to feel stressed on holiday if the internet and phone stop working and you have to spend long hours on hold to a certain company which shall remain nameless except to say that it beings with T and ends in ‘elstra’ without ever getting them to fix the problem…and then your mobile dies too.
  • A dog can get a tick even if you have treated them for ticks
  • People can get ticks
  • Torrid leggins are the shit. Actually. This is not an plug, this is a fact

All I really remember from that holiday is how relaxing it was at times, how nice it was with the dogs at the beach, how excited I was to see my Mum and Dad when I collected them from the airport, the awesome gifts they got me on their trip, all the great food we ate, all the boozy laughs and getting home to the cats and my bed.

What I love so much about life is that even when things go wrong is that the old saying is so true – you will laugh about it later.

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