Happy Birthday, Serene

Today is Serene’s birthday.

I say Serene is my best friend but really, she’s so much more than that.  I have tried to write about my friendhip with Serene and how much I love her before but it’s hard to quantify.


Serene and I are Others like Albert and Tommy in I ❤ Huckabees. In all the ways that it doesn’t matter, we are opposite but under the surface we are one. I don’t mean that we love all the same music (we don’t) and hate all the same people (we do), I mean we live parallel emotional lives.

Like I said, it’s almost impossible to explain but basically, when I am having a bad day, I call Beck, when I am stressed about something, I call my Mum, when I am angry about something, I call my friend Isaac but when I am having an existential crisis, I call Serene. And I don’t even have to explain, I just say “Other, what is this life?” and she already knows and feels it too.

We only see each other once every 3 months or so since we both just want to lay in bed with our pets and speak to as few people as possible every weekend. Serene is an entertainer but she is also an introvert and I often feel that must be very exhausting for her but she plays these roles to perfection.

Serene is a very cool person. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like her. She is ridiculously funny. She tells the best stories and always does the accents. Serene loves movies and music and always has some new delight to share with me. It’s always life-changing. I don’t know how she does it.

Serene is an amazing artist. Her drawings and her interpretive dances are hugely underrated. She draws the kinds of pictures that actually make you feel that art is something real.


Serene is the only person who will make reference to me as fat in casual conversation. I love this about her. Serene is always honest without judgement. She is who she is, you are who you are. She is physically beautiful but she doesn’t seem to care either way about that aspect of herself or of anyone else.


Serene is sensitive and tough, she is empathetic but doesn’t suffer fools, she is exuberant yet depressive by nature, she never seems to be serious but makes some very sensible life choices. She is all these contradictions and more but I feel like I know and understand her completely and I am SO happy for this. I’m so fortunate to have an Other in my life. Particulary this one.

Happy Birthday to my Other xxx


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Serene

  1. Wow! What a beautiful post Mandy. Serene is to you what my Bec is to me. I hope Serene had a lovely birthday and I look forward to seeing you both at the Art Show.

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