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Short Round (episode three)

This is kind of a different episode of short round. I may appear to go off track, but if you stick with me, maybe we can find some common ground. I would be interested to read your thoughts. Also – language warning! I’ve always consciously felt that “style” is just not something I am interested in.… Continue reading Short Round (episode three)

fat is not a bad word · life · me in pictures · photography

The Hair Files (episode one)

Some time ago I had a convo with a fellow fattie about hair being the “safe zone” for many fat women. It was an eye-opening moment when I realised that this is a real thing! For outsiders, it’s a safe compliment to say “you’re hair looks great” because hair isn’t fat, thus it’s not controversial. For fatties,… Continue reading The Hair Files (episode one)

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Silver Linings of a Fat Cloud

Last week something upsetting happened on Instagram. It’s taken me a while but I think I have found the silver lining. In the spirit of Facebook removing supposedly offensive images such as these Australian Aboriginal women performing a cultural ceremony, well documented instances of women breastfeeding and more recently this father and son portrait, privately owned… Continue reading Silver Linings of a Fat Cloud