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My Leftie Shame (a.k.a. Help!)

Please don’t send me hate because of this post – I am not perfect, I admit it and I want to learn to be a more accepting, open minded human in the world. On the flip side, please do send me educational responses. Constructive feedback is never a bad thing 🙂 I only recently learned about… Continue reading My Leftie Shame (a.k.a. Help!)

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Short Round (episode three)

This is kind of a different episode of short round. I may appear to go off track, but if you stick with me, maybe we can find some common ground. I would be interested to read your thoughts. Also – language warning! I’ve always consciously felt that “style” is just not something I am interested in.… Continue reading Short Round (episode three)

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Home Is Where The Cats Are

In June I went away from home for 4 weeks. Some of you more seasoned travellers may not be impressed but for the girl whose longest trip away from home was 10 days in London 10 years ago and whose idea of a perfect weekend is not having to leave the house to buy groceries, a… Continue reading Home Is Where The Cats Are

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Last week was a rough one at my house. About 2 weeks ago, our dog, Dolly started slowing down. She became increasingly sedentary over about 4 days and then she went off her food. Anyone who has ever had a dog knows this is a really, really bad sign. The vet said she may have an issue with… Continue reading Dolly

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Why I Rally

There are few things in life that get me more excited than a rally (think demonstration, not car racing). The collective atmosphere fills you with a sense of purpose and possibility you rarely get to experience in the world. Separate to the positive reinforcement I get as an individual, there are really good reasons to… Continue reading Why I Rally

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The Hair Files (episode one)

Some time ago I had a convo with a fellow fattie about hair being the “safe zone” for many fat women. It was an eye-opening moment when I realised that this is a real thing! For outsiders, it’s a safe compliment to say “you’re hair looks great” because hair isn’t fat, thus it’s not controversial. For fatties,… Continue reading The Hair Files (episode one)