Hats are available to view and buy here. If you would like something a bit different, leave me a comment below. I really love making beanies. I think they are one of my fave things to crochet but, lets be honest, Australia is basically a giant oven for a good 3-4 months a year so… Continue reading Hats

Home Décor

Home Décor items available to buy here. If you have something specific in mind, leave me a comment below – I love a challenge!


Browse my scarves for sale here. If you are looking for a custom scarf, leave me a comment below. I really like the infinity scarves and neck warmers because I feel like they are simply more user-friendly. Maybe I am just really clumsy but I think these styles reduce the chance of my tripping over… Continue reading Scarves


Scoodies are, not surprisingly, a mix of a scarf and a hood. Scoodies I have made are available here. If you are interested in having a customer designed Scoodie, leave me a comment below.


Bags are available to buy here. So far the bags I have worked on are these Market Bags. They are acrylic so vegan and washable to use again and again. If you would like to discuss a custom bag, please leave me a comment below.